wednesday may 16, 2008 – friday may 18, 2008
okno, brussels

IPSO FACTO presents an exclusive workshop on interfacing with transient objects in realtime through the use of I/O devices and SuperCollider.

The modelling of transient objects involves creating interfaces to gather information from the world we experience and to express processes in that same world. SuperCollider provides a powerful programming language to model behaviours of transient objects which express themselves in the audio domain.

By accessing I/O devices, like the Create USB Interface, the NASCIO, Arduino, or gamepads, data can be read with SuperCollider and output for these devices, or for audio devices can be created. Programming techniques combining realtime sonification with live coding allow for rapid prototyping of the desired behaviour, enabling modifications on-the-fly.

Participants to the workshop should bring their own laptops, Linux or OSX [1], and any I/O devices they wish to use during the workshop (game devices, CUI, Arduino, etc...).

[1] OSX version 10.4 or higher. External device support in SuperCollider on the Windows platform is unfortunately not yet fully compatible, though devices recognised by the OS as game devices can be used.

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